Marine Pipe Fitting Services

Piping services include piping repairs and/or replacement of all internal systems to include potable water, drainage and ballast, bilge suction, hydraulic, CHT, AFFF, fire main, service oil, deck drainage, steam, air, JP-5, and halon piping systems to list a few.

Fabrication and Welding Services

At Consolidated Marine Systems, we provide Marine repair and renewal of deteriorated or damaged steel structures to include bulkheads, internal framing and supports, tanks, voids underwater and freeboard hull plating, foundations and sub-assemblies.

As systems age and deteriorate beyond practical use, replacement becomes essential to return systems to optimal condition.

Consolidated Marine Systems is the company of choice for marine pipe fitting, welding and fabrication services. Demanding government agencies and commercial businesses count on our experienced and knowledgeable management team and skilled workforce to provide safety, quality and on time delivery of services.

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